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External Therapy Support

External therapist support at Willmot Public School

All requests for external therapists to conduct therapy sessions with their child on-site at Willmot Public School, during school hours, is assessed by our Learning and Support Team. Approval of therapy sessions conducted on site will be determined by the appropriateness of the therapy requested, the ability of the family to access the therapy outside of school hours and the availability of school resources / rooms etc.

All approvals are subject to regular reviews, subject to change and need to be re-applied for at the beginning of the each year.


To apply for and engage external therapist support at Willmot Public School

Step 1:

Parents please complete:

1.Parent / Carer Request for On-Site Therapist Support application form

If not already provided, please also complete the following forms:

1. a Permission for Referral to Willmot PS Learning and Support Team form

2. an Exchange of Information Permission form


Parents please read:

1. Information for Parents and Carers


Step 2:

The therapist must complete and return:

1. the Externally Funded Service Provider Application & Declaration Form

2. the Declaration for child related work - unless they have a current DoE number

3. an External Provider Agreement

4. the Willmot PS WWC Declaration form

5. current child protection training - must be done every year


Therapists must read:

1. Code of Conduct Policy

2. Controversial Issues in Schools Policy and Procedures

3. Child Protection: Allegations Against Employees

4. WPS Safety Briefing Booklet

5. Information and checklist for providers engaged by parents/ carers to deliver services to students


Therapists must provide evidence of:

1. Public Liability

2. Personal Indemnity

3. Workers compensation or personal injury of a sole trader insurance

4. Completed child protection training - for current year

5. Proof of Identity


Step 3:

No applications for external therapy support on site will be reviewed until all required Parent/Carer and Therapist documentation has been received. All documentation to be emailed to willmot-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au or handed directly to the front office.

All therapists will be screened in accordance with the NSW Department of Education Working with Children Policy.

Where therapy is approved, the Principal / or delegate will advise the therapist and the parent/carer.


Parent and Therapist Requirements

Parents are responsible for notifying the Provider if their child will be absent from school on the day therapy sessions are scheduled at the school.

Parents are responsible for advising the school if they terminate the therapy or therapists' services.

Therapists are required to advise the parent and Willmot Public School if they will be absent on the day therapy sessions are scheduled at the school.

All approved on site therapy will be for the agreed timeframe and/or valid only for that particular calendar year. New applications need to be completed each year.

All approved on site therapy is subject to regular reviews and is reliant on available school resources, and as such, room availability and/or approval to provide therapy on site is subject to change.